Thyme & Parmesan Potato Stacks
  1. Preheat the oven to 190C/ 365F
  2. Peal all the potatoes with a peeler. *It’s better to use potatoes that shape long and thin in order to fit the muffin tins.
  3. Cut the potatoes in to 2mm slices with a food processor or mandoline.
  4. Potatoes slices are better to be as even as possible.
  5. In a large glass bowl, add all the sliced potatoes and melted butter.
  6. Add minced garlics, freshly grated parmigiano cheese, and fresh thyme leaves.
  7. Mix and coat all the potatoes well.
  8. Grease the muffin cups with butter. Place the potatoes in stacks and place them into the muffin tin.
  9. Bake the potatoes at 190C/375F for 50-60 minutes.
  10. Let the potatoes cool for 10 minutes. Run a knife through the edges of the muffin tins to remove the potatoes from the muffin tins.
  11. Sprinkle with some more grated parmigiano cheese and fresh thyme leaves.
Recipe Notes