Roasted Eggplant & Miso Dip

If you are looking for a delicious and healthy finger food or snack recipe, this roasted eggplants with miso dip is a great recipe for you. A simple twist from classic Baba Ganoush. An amazing taste of roasted eggplants and fresh lemon juice. The miso paste joints all the flavors together perfectly. Enjoy this eggplants dip with veggie sticks, tortilla chips or pita chips. Great snack solution for any parties or a game.


Focaccia is a classic Italian flat bread and it is one of my favorite bread! Learn how to make fluffy focaccia at home without a standing mixer. This is one of the easiest bread recipe, perfect for everyone to try at home. You will need to prepare some olive oil, sea salt and rosemary. I love to have Focaccia bread with tomatoes and olives on top. Super easy to prepare and unbelievable tasty!

Chia Seed Pudding 3 Ways

Chia seed pudding is awesome for breakfast or snack. They are amazingly nutritious and delicious. Chia seeds are also considered a kind of superfood because they are full of fiber, protein, omega-3 fats, and vitamins ! Make ahead and leave overnight! Enjoy with some freshly blend fruit or coffee. A healthy breakfast can’t be easier! We are going to start by making a basic chia pudding, followed by 3 flavors, very berry, tropical heat, and mocha love! 

Honey Lemon Pound Cake

This honey lemon pound cake is rich, moist and airy. Following the traditional way pound cake, I use the same amount of flour, butter and sugar to achieve the best consistency. Honey makes the cake even more flavorful and moist. Last, drizzle lemon syrup on top of the cake. This cake takes only 20 minutes to prepare but the cake taste simply amazing. Baking this cake cannot be any easier, follow the steps in the video. You will like this cake!